Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mixed Feelings

Once again, I am struggling with my frustrations in life. Don't misunderstand, I have a great life 99% of the time, but the one percent always seems to present itself when my husband is gone, and I get to face the aggravations of that 1% by myself.
I have these totally rude neighbors. They live right behind us. Tonight their excuse for rattling my windows with their speakers is supposedly a birthday celebration for a grandmother, 83 today.
I spoke to these 25 year olds about 2:30 when I was awakened from a much needed nap by the first blasts of the cantina music. I was nice, but asked them to just turn their speakers away from my house. Little did I know that my side neighbors paid them a visit and asked them to tone it down. They complied and said that they would turn it up a bit at 7 pm, but the party for granny would be over by 9 PM. Well, it is almost 10, and I have my TV volume turned to its highest notch, I still hear the boom, boom of the base.
It's a good thing that I am a night owl, but I am so ready to move......I want my nice, quiet, gated apartment back. For now, if these ill mannered people don't tone it down by 11PM, I am calling the constable. Maybe the law can shut them down.......