Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Refreshed in the Lord

     I thank God for my prayer group, Grandmothers in the Gap. It was started a couple of years ago by a sweet lady who felt the Holy Spirit's nudging at a church conference. This prayer group is not new, but it was new to us and our church members.

     I always feel the same way after praying non-stop with sisters in Christ. When two or more are gathered in my name comes rushing back into my very being during these special times. The group is a confidential one, and anything we pray about stays private. We pray for our children, grandchildren, our church and it's pastors, the nation and it's leaders, and the world in general. We pray for salvation for all. We thank God for the many blessings He has given us, but more importantly, we thank God for our salvation through Jesus Christ. Sometimes I am in awe that God chose me, and I in turn chose Him. What security that brings to believers!

     This world is just so limited in happiness and peace. We pray for personal and world peace. Sounds like something out of a Sandra Bullock movie, but I write the truth. We share each other's pain as we pray for hedges of protection for our family members. We get glimpses of our lives and understand that God is in the hard stuff, too.

     There have been times when the presence of the Holy Spirit is so strong that I have tears in my eyes. Just knowing that God is with me at the very moment I cry out to Him is a blessing like no other. Sometimes the emptiness overwhelms me and I seek solace with these ladies. They never judge or advise or council. They pray with me and for me, and I return the prayer. What a sweet Spirit is the Spirit of the Lord.