Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Offically a New Year

I really track time by my finished events, however great or small. My Christmas decorations came down yesterday, and I actually feel like the holiday season is over now. I will admit that the house looks sort of bare, but that is because I can't find the items that covered the tables and mantle. I can't believe I didn't put the "stuff" in the same boxes that housed the decorations. That is what I normally do, so it is just  matter of swapping out the seasonal "stuff" for the daily "stuff."

I am sure items are tucked here and there in closets and drawers, and they will eventually show themselves when I begin my ritual of  getting rid of half of everything in the drawers. That is my new resolution. Just get rid of the stuff that gets in the way of what I really need.
I spent all day running errands, and was lucky enough to beat the rain. There are about ten things I need to do, but it involves bookkeeping, and remembering how to input data. Since I can't seem to remember where I keep physical objects today, I won't tackle the computer programs. I started back on my diet-bummer-and the first hurdle is always getting my sugar correct. I never, never have high sugar levels, but I do seem to take dips when it is low. It is a juggling act, but I get it level after a couple of down days of fogginess in the mental areas.
My cousin is visiting my mom today, and I wish I had gone with her, but the return day didn't work for me. I have a board meeting on Thursday, and that reminds me that I need to balance the club checkbook. I am a dime off, and I remember a time in which I would have driven myself crazy finding that dime. Now, I just write about the issue. The monthly deposits won't be finished until Friday, so I will tackle that dime then. I just figure that we have whatever the bank says we have, and that is that. It is more complicated than that for the IRS, but today is not the day to figure it out.
All is well in my world. Richard got another raise like he always does, and I get to stay retired. My grandchildren are healthy and happy, and my kids are doing fine. My mom has fully recovered from her stroke, and I may finally get a good nights sleep. I take a sleeping pill, and get 8 hours, but I still have trouble going to sleep. I restocked my melatonin today, so am really looking forward to just going to sleep tonight. Amazing how the little issues of growing older can sometimes consume us. I know how tired I am because of my inability to sort my ideas. That is why this blog is all over the place.
I am reading Ape House after finishing the Reacher books. I really think I read these before, but got interested again because of the movie. Just remembered my last chore for the day. I was supposed to go get my new glasses and new prescription. Tomorrrow..........