Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's Time for How Many Tests?

Thank God that my biopsy was benign! However, the last follow-up for stitches removal included being sent back to the vampires for more blood work. Orders were through the dermatologist and my primary physician, and after consulting with my knee surgeon. I'm hoping that the bruising on my legs was just a fluke, and all tests come back negative. I really didn't know that so many vials could be taken without it being considered a blood donation.

The word stroke keeps coming up, and it perplexes me. I do know that my husband developed a clot after all of the blood thinner shots, and he had a really close call. I keep mentally measuring my pain, but then it goes away. As I recall, my husband's pain just never went away and became intolerable. We hit the emergency room with 20 minutes to spare. God's hand was definitely in that rescue.

Hoping the Lord feels that my work isn't done yet and extends me the same courtesy for a longer life. One never knows. I would like to enjoy my grands until they are grown, and I would like to harvest a few pecans before I die. Current goals for the pecans are subject to change according to the husband's enthusiasm, but so far we are on course.

I have researched until I am just tired of all the possibles out there. Once again, I am just turning this over to the Lord. He is in control, and He will get me through the details as always. Just hope the main idea isn't too scary. I am such a wuss.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wondering or Worrying-That is the Question

Yesterday, the dermatologist surprised me by not giving me the prednisone I thought I needed. Instead, he took a plug for biopsy from my leg and sent me straight to the lab for an EKG. While discussing his concerns, he kept staring into my eyes. I finally asked why he was so intent on my eyes, and he said he was watching my pupil response.

Thankfully, the EKG came back normal, and I don't have to cancel my trip this weekend with the hub. I would have been very disappointed, but Richard said he would cancel also, if anything serious had landed me in the hospital. The tests and blood didn't bother me as much as the family history questions. I spent about two hours researching everything from lupus to leukemia to cardiovascular diseases. I decided that I just need to wait for the diagnosis and pray that it is something simple like a medicine reaction.

I have reacted to medicines before after taking them for extended periods of time, so hopefully that is all I will have to contend with when we get back. It really messes up my pool time on this trip. I will have to check to make sure no one is at the pool when I partake of my favorite activity, swimming. My legs look like someone took a ball peen hammer to them. It is not very pretty. When I asked the hub if these beauty marks were going to be an issue for our getaway, he just laughed. I guess that is a good sign.

Now, I have to force myself to put this all aside until I hear back from the doctors, be happy that I wasn't in heart attack mode, and enjoy the rest of the week. The doc said to refrain from doing anything strenuous for a couple of days. I can do that!