Friday, January 21, 2011

Prayers Answered

Once again, I have been praying for my kids' families. My younger son's wife is now in remission for her 9 month scan. I am praising the Lord for preserving that sweet family which is so precious to me. I can't imagine the anxiety before the tests, feeling good, but wondering if I would be clear. My daughter-in-laws both amaze me with their ability to handle whatever life throws at them.

I rest in the peace I get knowing that both families are in God's hands, I firmly believe if God takes you to it, He will get you through it. So many young women are getting cancer these days, and my prayers and heart goes out to them. I pray that God will bless all the people I know who are being treated for this disease. I pray specifically that God will grant them the peace that comes from faith in God at times like these.

I really don't know how unbelievers make it through the challenges of life and sometimes the life threatening diseases that are so prevalent in today's society. I will pray that all I know will find relief in their darkest hours, and that God will give them a peak at the light at the end of the tunnel.

Good news from my husband about his mom. Her hospital stay isn't over, but it is not life threatening. She will be released on Sunday, and he will come home. He has been down this road so many times with me and my mother. The hospital isn't the most exciting place to be, but our parents receive great comfort when we can be there with them. This decade of our lives will involve many hospital stays, and we have mentally geared up for these times. Many of our friends are in the same circumstances, and all have pretty much accepted the challenge of part time caregivers. In years to come we will be glad that we took the time to be there for our loved ones.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just a Chuckle on Aging

My favorite aunt turned 76 this year, so I sent her a card wishing her a happy 75Th. She informed me last year that she'd had her last birthday. As a baby boomer who turned 60 this year, I completely understand, and I too have endured my last age recognition birth date.

Never ask a women her age used to be the standard rule for good manners, and I am in favor of taking a stand for this rule and applying to my life from this year forward. In twenty years, I think I would rather have people comment that I sure look poorly for a 60 year old instead of commenting you can tell she's 80, bless her heart. I admit that I have a weird way of thinking, but I would rather retort, that's because I am really 80 instead of the polite "and I feel it or and I have earned every one of these gray hairs." I doubt seriously if there will be any gray hairs during this decade either, but one never knows. I might up and decide that I don't mind looking my age and regard my life as a triumph of sorts. I doubt that too.

Writing to Relieve Stress

Once again, I am venting just for my own posterity. It helps. I look back at past posts and think, huh, that is just so unimportant in the real scheme of life. I wonder what triggered my desperation at the time. God is my witness, I am just a worrier. I worry when I don't understand. I worry when no one seems to be able to make me understand. Then, I wonder why I don't understand. I am a fairly intelligent person. I know spiritually that I am not supposed to worry, but I just can't help myself. I tell myself to go on about my business, and do just about anything to distract my thoughts. That results in stupid chest pains that always, always, always have been nothing more than a panic attack in the making. I now curb this anxiety with deep breathing exercises instead of pills. I have finally evolved into an almost in control person I think.

My latest debacle in life has been brought about by a business venture to round out our portfolio. In theory it was supposed to work, and be relatively self sustaining due to income from dividends already in place. The market has dictated otherwise. As a logical person, I know the market will turn in 18 to 24 months, but the trick is to hang on without losing too much of our retirement in the process.

My husband is gainfully employed and always has been. He retired once and is now working in the same capacity, but for more money. The family budget is secure. We have been able to stay even with the investment with our personal funds, but it is tiresome. I am a wizard when it comes to handling the family budget. My husband will willingly give me credit for that. What I am not a genius at is handling large sums of money and the understanding of the interest, what kind of interest, and how that interest affects my pocket book. I am learning. It costs to learn these kinds of lessons. Our accountant says thank you very much with each installment.

The saddest part of this irritation in life is that I had the resources to have avoided it all in the first place. My older son has his Masters in Business, and understands most of the ins and outs of business. It gave me comfort to talk to him last night even when he explained that this wasn't the way we should have invested. He gave me pointers on how to undo the damage, and it will work. He asked if we would be able to handle the work involved until the business was off the ground,and ironically that is the same question I asked myself at the beginning of this venture.

It is possible that I will find relief this week as we talk to bankers about a proper business loan. There is much to be learned ahead, and as long as I don't panic, I will be able to absorb and apply the knowledge.

Yep, just blog to relieve stress.........

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No More Stuff

I Facebooked that there isn't enough Crown in the world for the life collections that are now relocated in our garage. I read that Americans are the only people who store crap in their garages while the 30K+ vehicles sit out in the weather. We are now officially a part of that subculture. It is all I can do to walk into the garage these days.
On one brave trip through, I noticed a box of stuffed animals and huge dinosaur puppets. Just what two, over the hill, almost retired people need for amusement in their golden years!!! Never fear, I think a garage sale is in the future. I hate garage sales, having them verses going to them. I am often sidetracked by a sign or two.
I could also go through each box and then wonder why this or that was saved in the first place. I will just become frustrated if I do that, at least in this busy month.
About February I will tire of getting out in the rain to run errands and begin the job of sorting. Who knows, I might find some treasures........