Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's Time

Pastor began a study called Prophesy Revealed. It was a good beginning, and because I am interested in the topic, the sermon was over before I knew it. Our pastor is great at including the audience during his sermons, and today was no exception. He asked everyone who was 63 and over to stand. Most of the congregation stood. I'm not quite there, but was amazed at how many people did stand, many not much older than my true age....

His points included what the bible said about Israel and her rebirth in 1948. The passage said that this generation will not pass away before the return of our Lord and Saviour comes for His bride, the church is raptured, and the tribulation of those times will begin. Heavy stuff, prophesy. The most important point was that God is in charge, it is His world, and He will do what He said He would do for Israel. He will make her a great nation. He promised land to Abraham a long time ago, and He will make sure Israel regains the land He promised.

As I listen to news of the attacks against Israel by the Syrians today, I can't help but wonder just how close the rapture of the church is. I feel that it is so near.
I feel it in my bones, deep within my spirit. Sometimes soon, the church will meet Jesus in the clouds, the physical presence of the Holy Spirit will be removed from the earth, and literally all hell will break out on the earth. In seven short years, the world as we know it will go from separate governments of varying types to a one world government led by Satan himself. The bible tells us that he walks the earth to and fro seeking whomever he can destroy. He will feast on the world during the tribulation. I thank God that because He is in charge, Satan will be bound, and Jesus will return to reign for a thousand years at the end of the seven years.

As a Christian, I am promised to be saved from the tribulation. I seems, however, that Christians the world over will be witnesses to the birth pains before the tribulation. We see wars and rumors of wars, deaths due to nature's fury, earthquakes, and famines. I fear the famines will increase exponentially in the next few years. So many crops all over the world are being destroyed one way or another.

America has remained prosperous because we haven't as a nation turned our back on God or Israel. Slowly but surely, we see God being taken out of our land. I fear for this great country founded on the premise of freedom of religion. I fear that America is on the verge of becoming just another nation that refuses to acknowledge God and his blessings to us. I know that America will play a part in helping Israel in the next big war, and the bible assures us that a war is imminent. I also know that God will rescue Israel in the final battle at Armageddon.

I am promised that Jesus will win and as a Christian, I find peace in knowing that I will actually be a witness to this victory. Prophesy represents God's plan for the world, and the bible is the instrument that tells us again and again that the world belongs to God. I am truly thankful for that fact.