Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What Day Is It?

Gosh, time just seems to get away from me. I just reviewed my last two posts, and praise the Lord, my daughter-in-law is in remission for a year now. We visited them about two weeks ago, and I have had two cataract surgeries since I last blogged. I can see the print with OTC glasses now, and reading is once again a pleasure. My next appointment will hook me up with a new prescription, and I will be all set for the next 60 years.

My knee is fine, but bursitis of the hips is showing its ugly head again. Man, sometimes I hate getting old, but most of the time I just keep on trucking. Hubby and I made a trip to Victoria town. I visited and shopped with my mom while the brawn worked the trees. We have hired companies in the area to take care of the fertilizing, spraying, and herbicides. Until my hub retires, the only thing we can handle is the trimming and shaping of the trees. There just aren't enough hours in the year.

Plans and invitations for my mom's 80Th birthday are finished and sent. Relatives and remaining friends are calling, and it should be a fun day for her. She seems to be getting weaker each few months that go by, and I am thankful that she has lived as long as she has. She moved her breathing machine to the bedroom, but still refuses to have home help. Stubborn old gal!

My kids and their families are fine, and I thank God everyday for the blessings that they bring to me. I just smile every time I think about them. Such peace I get even on the bad health days. There are more great days than hard days, thank God.
My younger son will deploy for Afghanistan in September, and every time I hear the withdrawal hype on television I think, "Liars." This world just seems to be getting more complex every day. After this deployment, they are going to try to be stationed in Texas. I pray for his protection and God's blessings on him during this stage of life. He had some issues with random killing of innocents during his last deployment, but was honest enough to talk to us about it. I told him that God uses people in ways that no one can ever understand, and that he is to follow orders. His next deployment will have a job description that won't involve these issues. I just want him safe and for him to come home. Such is the prayer of all military moms.

In the meantime, I grasp to understand the happenings in the world. Satellite makes it convenient to see the devastation happening far away and yet not so far. My cousin's nephew is stationed there. As we watch Japan and pray for God's mercy in this recent catastrophe, I wonder if Japan prayed for us during our times of trouble. Sometimes I wonder how God is working in all of this, but I know that he is in control, and it is not for me to question.

Prophesy tells us that these are but the birth pains of troubles to come. These peeks at the future are scary, but I have determined to make the best of my life each and every day. I pray for these countries as they struggle to understand and hope that the next day will be better. Haiti is still struggling and now Japan. I doubt that these will be the only sad topics in the near years to come. God help us to continue to praise you in these times to come.

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