Sunday, July 14, 2013


I will go visit my son and granddaughter this afternoon, and do my level best not to cry.  My son and his wife are getting a divorce, and he has her today. It is not easy thinking about the voids that divorce creates. My son has been married to his wife for eleven years, and they dated for two years, so over a decade of memories have come and gone.

My granddaughter is the one who is going through the hardest times as she will have moved twice in 6 months from her home to an apartment, and finally to a home in Louisiana near her other grandparents. That is the logical venue for my son's soon to be ex wife, close to home and her family.

 Both parents guarantee that we will see my granddaughter like before, but time dictates that this will not happen. School activities will supersede paternal grandparent needs. My husband and I are both busy, but it was nice to know that one grandchild was just an hour away. Our other grandchildren live out of state and we get to see them about twice a year, and sometimes a third visit during the birthday month of October. We treasure those times with them.

I will pick her up tomorrow afternoon due to a prior morning commitment. She will spend the night with her Mimi and Pops. I will take her to Splashtown, and hopefully she will treasure these last normal moments as much as I will. I am thankful that she has lived so close by until this year. Her mother was always sweet to include me in adventures to shows and school activities. She was a sweet daughter-in-law, and I took pride in being a helpful mother-in-law to her. I will always treasure the moments spent with the baby, the toddler, and now the little girl.

I have prayed over and over again that they would go to counselling, but so far this has not happened. I can't give up hope that God will rescue this sweet family. I will continue to pray that God will open up doors, so that they all will return to him, and honor Him above all else. I pray that they will be given happiness and blessings in spite of the circumstances. I pray that they will all be divinely protected during this hard, hard time. I pray that my granddaughter will feel God's arms around her as she struggles with a new home, new daycare, and new routine. I pray that my daughter-in-law will find a job that is condusive to being a working mom, and that she spend quantity as well as quality time with my granddaughter. I pray that my son will maximize his time with his daughter as these years pass by so quickly, and then our children are grown.

And I will continue to cry until God dries my tears.......

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