Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One Step Forward

Gonna miss the PT guy. Nice fellow who enjoyed following the World Cup with me. I had about 20 years of following soccer, thanks to the age spread with my boys. Couldn't help but develop a love of the game. After encouraging two youngsters to keep practicing, it is fun to watch the sport in its professional capacity. I've only known three kids who actually went to college on a soccer scholarship, so I have a genuine respect for the players who have made a profession of a fun sport, one that even a MIMI can enjoy for short spurts of time.

Hub took a long lunch today, so I could practice driving. He accompanied me to the pharmacy and then we picked up subs for lunch. Just wore me out, and left me mad that I am such a wuss. I'll survive. Team Smith is going to start walking if just down the block and back. Hopefully, this will increase my endurance. My strength is fine as long as it is for short periods of time. At least I learned that my driving won't kill anybody to and from running errands.

Timing is good for all of this as the boss is needing hub in Denver on a more regular basis. Now, that I can drive, he won't be worried about leaving me by myself. As I understand everybody, I will be on the cane for at least another six weeks. It really gets in my way, but if I try to not use it, I end up in a strange kind of pain. I really am a weakling, but so far I am managing on half doses of meds during the day and full doses at night. Slowly but surely works well if you are an ant. I unfortunately am the grasshopper at this stage of life.

I am thankful that Richard is handling me so well. Most of my friends were wondering how it would go, and most were relieved that he has come through with flying colors. He did comment that he is really praying that I continue to get completely well, and the sooner the better. That was my cue to remind him of the four or five years I played Nurse Nancy during surgery after surgery after surgery. I was so thankful that I had retired before this circus started. I would have hired someone to look after him, or tried to find a way to put him away temporarily. Not really, but I do remember days that my thoughts drifted to the many health care facilities in this area. I wondered just how much peace of mind was going to cost us.

This too will pass, and we will both be stronger. Richard is actually developing patience. I always wondered what it would take. My patience-never going to happen. I want to be 100% yesterday.

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