Thursday, July 1, 2010

One More Try

Definitely set in my mind is the fact that the pain pills do a number on my ability to follow through with just about everything. This is my third attempt this week to write and save a blog. The writing went fine, but the save just disappeared. Ah, so far, so good.

I can't even remember what the topics of the last two attempts were, but that's OK. I do remember feeling better after the written gripe session just for my own posterity. I once thought I could really become a writer, but this past four weeks of being confined to my home has changed my mind.

I do want to thank family and friends who are consistent about checking up on me. They provide a nice break in the routine of the day. This routine consists of taking pills, waiting for them to kick in, and then getting through the exercises that help the muscle stiffness. I will admit that the joint doesn't hurt a bit, but the muscles could use a really good masseuse at this point in time. The ice packs have been replaced with hot packs, and relief comes in waves between doses.

Hub has already suggested eating out tonight, and I will be up for the treat. This is a sacrifice on his part as he loves his down time after work, and only when I was working outside the home did he actually suggest take out or a quick meal somewhere. Most of the times, he didn't have a choice due to kid schedules that kept us running and eating more than one meal on the road to and from events. I would love to start making a quick meal here and there, but the cane keeps getting in the way. The PT has really cautioned me against getting too independent too quickly, and reluctantly, I follow his advice.

Hub came up with all kinds of mundane things for me to do today, and so far I am up to the task. I have also learned that I don't think I could have been anyone's secretary. Just being at the beck and call of others isn't my forte. Maybe next week will be better. I am trying to use less pain pills every day as my driving freedom depends on being pain pill free. I think I am going to experiment tomorrow with using tylenol during the day and pain pills just to sleep. Can't hurt, and I will learn soon enough if it will or won't work.

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