Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wrapping Up Another Year

New Year's resolutions came early or late this year, depending on one's perspective. This decade of life brings new challenges everyday, and I just need change. To end my year, I decided to plan activities that I want to do, and if Richard doesn't want to accompany me, that is fine. I am fortunate to have a cousin who lives nearby, and is a whirlwind of energy. She is available for any outing, so planning has been fun.
Now that the kids are grown with families and lives of their own, I just got out of the habit of doing things that just make me smile afterwards. This Christmas season, I changed my strategy.

I went to the deer lease (to please my husband) for three weekends in a row. I am finished until next year. I accepted every invitation for holiday fun in this area, and am still smiling because of my "new" attitude. For almost thirty years, I have tried to please everyone except myself. It can't be done, and I end up totally frustrated. Lose-lose situation.

I have accepted the fact that I can go it alone or in the company of friends. My constant companion does not have to be my husband. We have several hobbies in common and that is enough. We don't have to be joined at the hip. I have never enjoyed the hunting hobby and probably never will. I am thankful that my boys like this pasttime, but I am more thankful that I have daughter-in-laws who like to shop. I am learning a lot from them. I am pursuing my own interests and because of this, I am just happier. I am also trying to not get caught up in the last minute details that do nothing more than make me ask myself. Why did I do that? It wasn't necessary and noone really appreciated it anyway. My daughter-in-laws are so together with this concept. Their family comes first, then the rest of the world. Much healthier way to deal with the holiday season. Two more candlelight events ahead with or without the husband and a smiling wife at the end of the season. My kind of fun helps me remember that Jesus is the reason for the season, and that just widens my smile.

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