Friday, September 16, 2011

Time for a Rest

Richard and I had a great time in Las Vegas. We aren't the late nighters who creep in at the break of day, but our time was well spent. I had my usual spa day, enjoyed the pools, and of course the tables. Would love to tell anyone that I won, but that is never the case, and I never take more than I can afford to lose.

I am all about views, and I must admit that in spite of the casino being geared to the 21+ age groups, our service was excellent. We also got to enjoy the fountains at the Bellagio from our Cosmopolitan balcony. Our casino was very ethereal with emphasis on restaurants and designer label shopping. We did enjoy a variety of foods with very different twists of flavor and my idea of great eating. We actually lost a few pounds probably because we got some walking in every evening.

A couple from our neighborhood was staying at their condo for the week. I joined them one afternoon and enjoyed shooting craps with them Downtown. Again, I would love to tell you I won, but I would lying. I did finally win on roulette later in the evening, and actually played the slots for a while on my winnings. I still love the one armed bandits the most. The video game appeal I think, but one armed bandit is definitely a great nicname.

Met a lovely couple on the way back and discovered that they hit Vegas about 4 times a year. I am just not up to the plane travel to do that. The worst part of traveling is the flying. Flying used to be fun. The jets had more room, and the airlines were there to serve you. Not so anymore. We have all become statistics who are closely monitored each step of the trip. However, the scanners at security do make it less irritating.

I was amazed at a spectacle I saw at the counters. A couple were really yelling and screaming about the baggage fees necessary for the next leg of their journey. If it had been this blond-haired American granny making the complaints, I am sure security would have been called immediately. The angry couple were obviously of eastern descent, so they were placated over and over again. Just made me mad to see it go on. We kiosked, checked our bags, and went for a drink, and the couple were still making complaints. Only in America would this be allowed to go on and on and on.

I wonder if this country is ever going to wake up........

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