Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Santa was busy last night at the Smith house. I didn't even hear him come down the chimney. Bright eyes opened more presents, and eager hands rapidly opened more surprises. My grandson was very happy that Santa delivered more age appropriate gifts than Mimi and Pops. There was much enthusiasm for the grandparent gifts, but Santa always seems to deliver that one gift that each kid thinks is a dream come true.

Dinner was delicious and everyone found at least a couple of dishes they couldn't complain about. Leftovers today seem to taste better, but it may be because it is so quiet in the house. lol My daughter-in-law has taken the kids to see her family for the day. Hopefully, they will get home in time to watch one of the movies I would love to share with my grandson.

It has been a joy having the grandchildren together for a few days. I have been blessed this year with getting to play with all of them at the same time. We made cookies and a gingerbread house. Mimi stuff that will always be remembered each time a Christmas cookie gets eaten. I think the best part about family is the hugging every time we say hello or good-by. I try to get in about 6 months of hugs and kisses, and yep, I'll be remembered for all of the super hugs someday. Not a bad legacy.

I did try to read the Christmas story to the kids, but I think the dog was the only one who paid attention. We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, but missed the cupcakes. Mimi forgot to get that one last task done, and why I wondered. Then, I checked my list twice and couldn't find cupcakes. I am at the point in life that lists are an absolute necessity.

Hub was quite amused that he got some miniature marshmallows for one present. Today, stockings revealed the guns for the goodies. He just thought I was off my rocker.....Not true, just not quite as organized as I should have been. A marshmallow did zoom over my head as I sent pictures to my younger son in Afghanistan. We missed him, but Skype helped immensely. Just that moment on screen included him from afar. Holidays are never perfect, but all in all, most of the time was just plain fun and hopefully hold happy memories for everyone.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I remember being a kid and driving around the hometown with my dad looking for Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve night. Dad would shout he'd just seen him over a neighbor's roof, and five kids would anxiously look out the windows hoping to catch a glimpse of the jolly old elf. Little did we know that Momma was at home helping Santa deliver our presents while we chased the elusive guy all over town.

It's that feeling I have now. We've decked the halls, wrapped the presents, and started the baking in anticipation of sharing a holiday with all three grandchildren on Christmas Eve day. My older son and wife will come over and my younger son's wife is traveling from North Carolina. At lease I am hoping they began the journey today. My grandson has been sick, and I prayed for a speedy recovery for him. I also prayed that the designated driver remains healthy. My younger son is in Afghanistan, but hopefully we can connect with him through Skype.

When kids don't live in the same town or state, getting together for the holidays on the same day is a special blessing. I am really looking forward to getting a MIMI and POPS and grands picture. Kind of selfish of me, but these moments don't happen too often. We have been together for Easter and that has been nice. Christmas will be the icing on the cake of life.....

For now, I will keep busy making cookies and singing Christmas songs and waiting for our special day.....

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night

Thanksgiving has become a step into the season for me. We headed south for short family visits while inhaling huge meals. We spent the night with Richard's mom and headed home on Saturday.

Richard left for Israel on Sunday, and I promptly developed a cold. By Wednesday I was calling the doctor and taking any appointment. Antibiotics and two other prescriptions later, I am well enough to have a sleep over with one of my grandchildren.

I wasn't as active as usual, but 3 tea parties and several wagon rides later, we did get to sleep by 10. Blondie woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 7 AM and ready for a wagon ride. Breakfast was eaten and the day started off with a bang. It was fun, and she really didn't want to leave that afternoon. Mimi went right to bed. LOL

This Thanksgiving we gave special thanks that our daughter-in-law received good results from her tests, and she is still in remission. She is a really strong woman as she takes care of her two children while her husband is deployed to Aghganistan. I imagine both are feeling the length of time of this deployment. My daughter-in-law was diagnosed during his last deployment and his time away was cut in half. This trek is the real deal and thank God, cancer won't cut it short.

He is occupying his time by taking classes. 12 hour shifts, 3 hour classes, study time, eating, and sleeping just about takes up every second of his time. That is good as time will seem to go by faster for him. We are fortunate to talk to him about every two weeks on Skype. Most of the time he sounds ok, but sometimes he seems like he is really missing home. No matter what diversions there are during service to his country, it just isn't like the routine of doing a job, coming home, and kissing the wife and kids.

We started decorating for Christmas this week. We mostly decorate for the kids and grandkids as we are more into the celebration of the birth of Christ than the tinsel. I never can remember how I decorate from year to year. One year, I will actually label the boxes and the details of how to use the decorations for the following year. I did enjoy putting topper on a real tree this year because the material reminded me of a shopping trip in North Carolina. I enjoyed putting up my ornaments from last year as well. Pictures of family members adorn my tree once again. Richard and I already remember why real trees are not the best idea. We have vacuumed several times already, but I guess the exercise is worth it.

Our outside decorations really need some work, but slowly and surely we will get them to twinkle a little better. I actually bought more lights this year, and again that is for the grandchildren's delight. One of these days we will splurge and have a light company do the honors, but this year it is up to Mimi and Pops to make the house sparkle.

The next week is filled with the end of parties and get togethers with friends. Afterwards, we look forward to many happy hours with our family.