Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Santa was busy last night at the Smith house. I didn't even hear him come down the chimney. Bright eyes opened more presents, and eager hands rapidly opened more surprises. My grandson was very happy that Santa delivered more age appropriate gifts than Mimi and Pops. There was much enthusiasm for the grandparent gifts, but Santa always seems to deliver that one gift that each kid thinks is a dream come true.

Dinner was delicious and everyone found at least a couple of dishes they couldn't complain about. Leftovers today seem to taste better, but it may be because it is so quiet in the house. lol My daughter-in-law has taken the kids to see her family for the day. Hopefully, they will get home in time to watch one of the movies I would love to share with my grandson.

It has been a joy having the grandchildren together for a few days. I have been blessed this year with getting to play with all of them at the same time. We made cookies and a gingerbread house. Mimi stuff that will always be remembered each time a Christmas cookie gets eaten. I think the best part about family is the hugging every time we say hello or good-by. I try to get in about 6 months of hugs and kisses, and yep, I'll be remembered for all of the super hugs someday. Not a bad legacy.

I did try to read the Christmas story to the kids, but I think the dog was the only one who paid attention. We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, but missed the cupcakes. Mimi forgot to get that one last task done, and why I wondered. Then, I checked my list twice and couldn't find cupcakes. I am at the point in life that lists are an absolute necessity.

Hub was quite amused that he got some miniature marshmallows for one present. Today, stockings revealed the guns for the goodies. He just thought I was off my rocker.....Not true, just not quite as organized as I should have been. A marshmallow did zoom over my head as I sent pictures to my younger son in Afghanistan. We missed him, but Skype helped immensely. Just that moment on screen included him from afar. Holidays are never perfect, but all in all, most of the time was just plain fun and hopefully hold happy memories for everyone.

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