Wednesday, January 25, 2012

God Does Handle Details

I ;am so thankful my got to Seattle on her own steam without a family member having to make the trip to be by her side. In fact the whole trip sounded easier than when we accompanied her in these recent years. My sister made her reservation and asked for assistance.

When I went to the airport, the bags were handled curbside which is normal. The handler said to wait and a wheelchair would be brought. Presto chango, yep that fast. The baggage handler brought the receipt to my mom as she was being assisted into the chair and she was whisked into the building before I even got to hug her good-bye. I yelled bye, and then got back in my car and came home. I was just amazed. My mom is 80 years old, and the trip was going to be hard on her. The efficiency of the airlines lowered her stress levels and that of her family members.

My aunt lives in Seattle, actually, a suburb just outside of the city. Her cancer has become active again, and she is taking chemo once a week for 3 weeks, then a break, PET, and decisions based on the information. All I can do is pray for my aunt.

My mom wanted to be there for her. She had this overwhelming need to just go, and now I am glad she did. My biggest worry concerned "in the airport". I remember losing her several years ago when she went to the ladies room. She got turned around and wouldn't carry a cell phone. She still doesn't. We eventually found her, but all were totally stressed. The same thing happened at Caesar's Palace in about the same timeframe.

I actually think I have learned something from this. If my mom insists on going on another trip by air, I will request the same services for her; even if I am there. Travel is hard enough and anything that will make it easier is something to consider. I guess we can all learn something new every day.

My sister called to ask how it went and we were both pleased by the results. She never got a confirmation on the assistance request, so we were both holding our breaths. "She's in the system" were music to my ears for one more adventure in my mom's life. I always wondered how older people traveled so much. Now, I know. When I am 80, I'm going to ask for all the help I can get........

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