Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Resolution

To be quite honest, I forgot to do this on the first day of the year. I was just exhausted and in bed that day and the following. I thought my husband would make a crack or two about my laziness, but I got a nice surprise. He was sick and also as tired as I was, so we enjoyed being chair potatoes together. This is so unlike our past lifestyle. Once again, I am thankful that we don't have a deer lease to maintain. My hubby and I will hunt dove at the pecan orchard until season is over. That will be enough hunting for me.

I did get a new shotgun for Christmas. I do hope that I can enjoy shooting it. Richard went to a lot of trouble to get it sized just for my arm length. After reading the information packet, it seems like an easy gun to load and shoot. I broke lot of nails on the last two hunts because of loading and pumping and ejecting. Anyhow, I do appreciate the effort put into the gift. I really would like to learn how to hit the dove. I enjoy being out in the open for this kind of hunting.

As of today, I figured out my resolution. I am going to simplify my life. I really am going to throw things away that have been in the drawer untouched for the past year. I am really going to donate the clothes that have been unworn for the past year. I am actually going to organize my closet by outfits and colors. I used to do that when I worked because the mornings were always so rushed. Retirement seems to have relaxed me too much. Time to get efficient again.

I am not going to shop all year for Christmas. I will pass it up even if it is a good deal. I will wait for the kids to tell me exactly what they want (within reason) and then get them that. I am also going to tell the kids exactly what I want. I got some really great gifts this year because I told them what I wanted. They made the choices, and really great choices they were.

I am going to finish that hallway I started painting. I am going to finish that collage of pictures I started. I am going to clear up that last closet that seems to be a catch all. I will throw away stuff that is never going to be used again. I won't hesitate with any buts about it. I just need to clear stuff out, and then I will have room for things that just seem to sit around and pile up.

Yep, that's my resolution. I am going to simplify my life.

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