Monday, May 17, 2010


Life was in exceptional stride this weekend. My older son received his Masters degree in Business from the University of Houston, Clear Lake on Sunday. My mom was able to attend this ceremony along with my son's in laws. The weekend was filled with happy moments and lots of them. A lost friend of two years called over this same weekend, and Sunday evening we reconnected and caught up with each other. We have moved twice in these two years, and she has finally downsized in lieu of the retirement years ahead.

My friend has three sons. Her oldest just received his PhD from Texas A&M and is entertaining the idea of marriage. He is a fine young man. Her middle son is a Captain in the Army and a graduate of West Point. He deploys for a year in Afghanistan and is one of America's finest as well. Her youngest, close in age to my younger son, is still finding himself and will get there eventually. He's one of those truly kind young men. All three lost their dad in the formative teenage years. We were there to bury, hug, and comfort my friend and her kids. I know that their dad looks from Heaven with pride at his sons.

During our conversation, I was reminded that our last contact had been when the daughters-in-law were both pregnant. The grand girls are now 16 and 19 months old. Two years have passed with the joys of childbirth, the scare of cancer, and finally the triumph over cancer. These two years have fast forwarded us once again.

I also told her about our latest investment, a pecan grove close to my hometown. I reminded her about my husband's need to always be growing something, and how I had finally resigned myself to this fact. Trees and all kinds of them are definitely in the future for us. She was excited about this door being opened for us, while she explained about closing a door from her life. A property from her husband's family has been sold, and as she explained it, her past life is now behind her. She remarried about five years after her husband passed away, and he is a good man who really took on the job of raising her boys. For that she is very thankful.

Just as I was smiling in my heart, I was reminded that I had also heard from my sweet aunt. She does in fact have breast cancer again, and will be fighting for her life. I have no doubt that she will fight the good fight. I realized that not all milestones are good ones. My mom and sister leave this week for a visit with her, and it will be good for the sisters to see each other. My mom is getting frail, and won't be able to stay and help her through this trial in life. My aunt's daughters are both in the position to be there twenty-four seven until this is behind her. That has helped relieve the emotional burden for my mom.

My life is plugging along as planned, and hub and I adjust reluctantly to whatever life throws at us. I am thankful in all circumstances. I am thankful for family and all of its challenges and triumphs, and I am thankful for friends who help me keep my life in perspective. We connect and rejoice at the joys of life, and we comfort one another during its trials. My closest friends are also my Christian sisters, and because of this our connections just seem to feel differently. We always say good-bye with promises of visits and prayers. The visits are always occasional, but the prayers are always there between us. I don't now what tomorrow will bring, but I do know that today brings life and friendship and love, and I am blessed.

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