Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Comedy of Errors

My mom's birthday was a success. She had an afternoon filled with family, friends, and happiness. Family pictures included four generations. Those are memories of a lifetime. I am not sure how all went well, but it did. My brothers and sisters worked on the party for two months now, and we had hoped to get it all decorated and done, so we could really visit with our Seattle relatives and family members we hadn't seen in years. We chose to have the party at my brother's because he has a huge place that allows the kids to explore and play.

Everything would have gone well if the wind would have just died down a little. The one day decorating took two days instead. Every planned and finished project had to be redone and reworked. Even the darn table decorations and balloon bouquets had to be anchored over and over because the wind literally walked them from the middle of the tables to the edges. The head table was beautiful, but it too had to be creatively anchored. We used clips, ribbons, and tape to just keep the table cloths from becoming a sail display. Thank goodness my husband and cousin are tall. They helped us throw stuff up at the last minute. What an effort. I am not sure it was pretty, but it was impressive. Not sure of the degree of impressive either, but it was what it was. My mom did get the feeling of being greatly fussed over, and that is what we all wanted. Mountains of food was consumed and lots of memories created.

I said good-byes and drove home early Monday just to decompress. I am so thankful that my mom has lived so long, but I want my kids to just take me to a spa when I turn 80.

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