Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Days

My husband and son went turkey hunting this weekend, and I busied myself having a garage sale. My daughter-in-law and grand came to visit Saturday and ended up spending the night. We had such fun.

We shopped and lunched and rode the carousel and pretended to ride the vehicles that use coins, and shopped and went out for breakfast, ate pizza, and played and played and played. By noon on Sunday, Mimi was desperate to get off of her feet. We decided that naps were a necessity for girls of all ages. I put my feet up and rested while reading my latest novel. The other two blonds are still napping and we are waiting for the guys to return from the hunt.

I feel so happy right now. It always amazes me how being around an energetic two year old can just revitalize me. We are going on a field trip tomorrow and will feed the rays at the Aquarium in Kemah. Looking forward to catching those wonder moments on my camera.

The rest of the week will be spent on the finishing touches for my mom's 80Th birthday. I will get to visit with my Seattle relatives, and we will all be wishing we were on the west coast if the weather turns hot. I am praying for cooler April weather this next weekend. The age ranges of happy feelings will probably take its toll on this gal, and the next two weeks will entail some serious down time for recovery, but it will be worth every second. Ah, life and laughter and love.....

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