Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Resting, resting, resting....

This last month has been busy but oh, so fun. The next two weekends will be just as busy and May will arrive. It is already so hot that I am having a hard time imagining a south Texas summer. My caladiums are coming up, and that is the biggest clue that there won't be any freak cold fronts coming our way.

My eyes are finally to normal size and with a little effort, I can actually see most things with OTC glasses. My prescription glasses should be ready soon. The first round left me fuzzy blind in all aspects, and the company is on its second round. Hopefully, the new pair will adjust for the macular in the right eye. If not, one more round of laser is due to try and correct as much as possible.

Our AC got invaded by a critter of some sort, and we used fans only last night. We survived, and the repairman very efficiently fixed our capacitor that was shorted out due to the demise of a woodland creature.

I am getting my leg strength back slowly but surely. The bursitis in my hips has its moments of pure pain, and then it goes away. The support stocking helps and so does celebrex. Tylenal in between makes the pain tolerable. I really felt the irritation at the casino this past weekend. Even my mom was able to stand longer than I was, so the craps table wasn't an option. Guess the malady ended up saving me money in the long run.

Richard and I are avid readers and we soon found a Walmart offering book selections we both enjoy. I really prefer to hit the antique malls for books, but made do in the meantime. Reading a book and lounging around the indoor pool, again, saved me a few bucks, I am sure.

I have been basically catching up this week and it feels good. Looking forward to my May flowers, but wondering where the April showers are in our part of the country........

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