Thursday, February 2, 2012

Early Morning Thoughts

Sometimes I get up early with my better half just to enjoy the coffee. Silly, I know, but very therapeutic for me.

Last night the younger son called to say he got his latest promotion. He is now Staff Sargent Smith. He is at the beginning of his fifth year in the Air Force, helped his wife survive cancer, and is a loving father of his stepson and his three year old. He's had a very busy five years.

It got me to thinking about my boys. I am so proud of both of them. Both boys work their hardest to provide for their families, and it makes me proud to not only be their mom but to know them as men of character. What a contrast their family atmospheres are compared to my family life when I was young.

My father was a character but not a man of character. His efforts were always selfish and self centered. He was the father of five children, and he really didn't care too much if we even had food to eat. He was a gambling man and a heavy drinker. Between the fights over money to pay bills, and wondering if there was going to be any lunch money for school, our young lives were filled with stressful situations that just created chaos in our lives.

The only normal life was provided by a really strong willed woman who somehow always made do with very little. She finally went to work when I was fourteen just to keep food on the table. Sad commentary on a life, but I know that she wasn't alone in that world. That world still exists today for thousands.

Twenty five years of teaching let me see parents in all their glory and some in their worst moments. Most of the troubled kids had one thing in common. Parents who just didn't care about anything except themselves. I will give my sons credit for always considering their family first.

That links me to my daughter-in-laws. They are both outstanding moms. Both always engage themselves in activities that lift the kids spirits and make them happy. Both are thoughtful of their kids' feelings, and that is a real self esteem builder. Both girls are blessed to have husbands who always provide for their families. This kind of security is priceless.

I know that my sons are not perfect and their wives are not perfect, but from my point of view I see them making all efforts to create a loving environment for their children without forgetting that they are a unit of two. Many discussions happen before deciding issues that will dictate a lifesyle. I see them learning together what works and what doesn't.

My husband and I used to do that when our marriage was young and every penny had to be allocated properly. I remember feeling secure just knowing that we were working together for the greater good of family. As a result of our focus, we are resting together in our young old age and five years away from retirement, kids grown, grandchildren to brag about, and the security to pursue our interests. Life has been good.

I pray for my kids, their wives, and my grandchildren every week with a prayer group and every day as needs arise. I pray for the preservation of their marriages and for them to continue to love each other as the day they met. I pray for the grandchildren to understand how much their parents love them. I pray that their parents will be the vehicle to lead them to accept Christ as their Saviour. I really want the blessing of eternal life for all of my family members.

Just finished my third cup of coffee, so time to move on......

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