Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

In my world, yesterday was Valentine's Day. It is mental anguish to actually go out for a nice dinner on the actual date if it happens to fall on a week day. We already celebrated and said the I love yous. Then, to put the frosting on the cake, we exchanged cards at the coffee pot this morning. I chose a book An Older Love by Warren Hanson for my "card" this year. This author spoke to our ladies group in October, and I actually thought ahead for a change. As I read through the book last night, I identified my life with my husband in so many ways. I even understood when the author admitted to making the same mistakes over and over only to be forgiven over and over. That is what real love does.

I also understood being totally comfortable with each other. It takes years of love to not get prickly when the husband actually asks what day Valentine's is on. It helps to realize that he can't always remember to do the things he used to do as a matter of course, like minor plumbing or door knob replacement. After this last round of home repairs, it will take a handy man 2 or 3 days just to fix our fixes. I am glad I can chuckle over this as I write about it. I think the years of good stuff just sort of diminish the goof ups as we go along. Reality kicks in and we are both thankful that we can afford to fix our mistakes.

I, too, am having my last project redone by a professional. I really thought I could refinish my dining room table. I refuse to give up the black walnut wood from so long ago. After 2 weeks of stripping, sanding, finishing, resanding, refinishing, and stripping again, I gave up. My husband literally flagged a refinisher down as he left a neighbor's house. He got the bid and the guy's card. The furniture is now in the shop along with 7 other pieces. Yep, we both know how to let each other try and then call in the calvary as plan B. Older love just knows.

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