Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What a Week

First off, I just finished restaining the quarter round on my wood floors. When they were installed, I don't think the detailing was finished correctly. I could have called them, but the floors are over 3 years old now, and I had the materials from another job, so I got it done. My new EZ movers came in today, and moving furniture out of the way was very EZ. The stain has to dry for 8 hours, or I would have completed the job today.

I needed a way to get rid of all this pent up energy. I attended a HOA meeting for my subdivision and was just wired afterwards. I didn't sleep well last night, and today I couldn't get busy fast enough. The meeting was 3 hours of just plain nonsense with people who had nothing but anger towards each other. Old grudges just went on and on, and I noticed that not much business got done. I had to remind them from the gallery to just get on with it. Many of the issues had nothing to do with running a HOA. Just lots of griping about issues that aren't even covered in the deed restrictions.

We voted last month to let the board make edits and additions to our restrictions that will be correct under new laws out there. After last night, I realized why the laws had to be passed. After enduring this meeting, I was just undone. Thus, my projects got started. Hard labor tends to wear me out, and then I can rest. I could have taken a pill to relax, but decided to knock out some chores around the house.

My poor husband called today and got an earfull. He laughed it off, and said that maybe we should get more involved. Elections are in April, and I will probably throw my name in the hat. Somebody just needs to get the job done, and quit wasting everybody's time and energy.

Over coffee this morning, I discussed some issues and how to easily solve them. He'd been the past president and had stepped down due to all of the infighting. We both agreed that it is time to think about moving to another area. Unfortunately, we have 5 years until retirement and building our final home, so I am stuck for a while. Maybe bringing peace to this neighborhood will be a nice goal to have before I move on.

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