Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No More Stuff

I Facebooked that there isn't enough Crown in the world for the life collections that are now relocated in our garage. I read that Americans are the only people who store crap in their garages while the 30K+ vehicles sit out in the weather. We are now officially a part of that subculture. It is all I can do to walk into the garage these days.
On one brave trip through, I noticed a box of stuffed animals and huge dinosaur puppets. Just what two, over the hill, almost retired people need for amusement in their golden years!!! Never fear, I think a garage sale is in the future. I hate garage sales, having them verses going to them. I am often sidetracked by a sign or two.
I could also go through each box and then wonder why this or that was saved in the first place. I will just become frustrated if I do that, at least in this busy month.
About February I will tire of getting out in the rain to run errands and begin the job of sorting. Who knows, I might find some treasures........

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