Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just a Chuckle on Aging

My favorite aunt turned 76 this year, so I sent her a card wishing her a happy 75Th. She informed me last year that she'd had her last birthday. As a baby boomer who turned 60 this year, I completely understand, and I too have endured my last age recognition birth date.

Never ask a women her age used to be the standard rule for good manners, and I am in favor of taking a stand for this rule and applying to my life from this year forward. In twenty years, I think I would rather have people comment that I sure look poorly for a 60 year old instead of commenting you can tell she's 80, bless her heart. I admit that I have a weird way of thinking, but I would rather retort, that's because I am really 80 instead of the polite "and I feel it or and I have earned every one of these gray hairs." I doubt seriously if there will be any gray hairs during this decade either, but one never knows. I might up and decide that I don't mind looking my age and regard my life as a triumph of sorts. I doubt that too.

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