Friday, August 27, 2010

School Life

My opinions of my grandchildren are reasonably skewed toward thinking them intelligent beyond the norm, but I have visual proof of their IQ potential every time I am around them. My oldest designs his own lego projects from just looking at the magazines for new products. My brunette grand plays like she is a nine year old, and will literally go to the fridge when she needs a snack, or she'll signal dinner time by crawling into her high chair. The blond grand can count her toes, understands two step commands like find Mimi's cane and bring it to me, and will listen to ten books before growing weary. I see great lives ahead for my grands.

If I remember my developmental courses correctly, I think I see private schooling ahead for these children. At the minimum, my children should consider living in an area with really great schools. The grands will always have the enrichment they need in their lives because we have always provided the opportunities, and we see our boys following in the same footsteps.

My blond daughter-in-law is getting her toddler ready for mother's day out twice a week, and it really brings back memories of the same activities with my boys. My older son started at a homestyle daycare known as Barkers when he was almost two. He loved his time there. She really tried to make it as close to home as possible. The kids were allowed to play in the dirt, make their own pancakes, pick a snack, and learn at their pace. I never heard a concern if one skill just didn't take when it was taught. Barker had her degrees in developmental psychology and really understood learning styles.

My younger son's family had a rough year with cancer and victory over it, so another complete year at home with mommy is a good choice. Brunette grand lost some mommy time while daddy did his best to keep the family as happy as possible, considering the ordeal. I imagine that mom's day out is around the corner next year, and if it isn't that's OK, too.

As far as I can tell, the kids are happy, and that is what really counts. They are secure in their parents love, and what a blessing that is for me.

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