Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Well, the Doc was right

My knee surgeon released me from my cane today, and I carefully went about my errands without it. I was a little nervous and was careful to be around a wall or table for each endeavor. I am around 12 weeks out and everything is healed. Amazing, that a person can slice a line 10 to 12 inches long, move muscle around, resculpt bone, add titanium, stitch it all up, and then the knee moves again. Not easily at first, but in 12 weeks all movement except deep knee bends are possible. I still do my PT exercises because the muscles do get stiff if I don't. I imagine this will go on for at least another 3 months while the leg adjusts to walking without assistance.

I was supposed to get the other knee done in Novemember, but I think I will pass. It still moves, and bends, and flexes as needed. I will wait until it freezes up before cutting her open. Maybe I can get by until 70, and by then walkers will be painted in stylish colors for people like me. As long as there is no unbearable pain, I am pretty sure I can wait this out.

My maladies have been so minor compared so some of my dear friends, and I thank God that he has takn care of me for the time being. I've had a lot of down time, and I've had time to think about what is really important to me. It always goes back to family, and God's provisions for us throughout the years.

Sometimes God slows us down on purpose, so we can take the time to just think. I have, unfortunately, spent many years just living without thinking things out ahead of time. Most of the time, all major events that shape our lives have worked out, but now I think I have entered a different era of understanding. I have been forced to take my time with everything and guess what? All seems to be plugging along just fine. I am savoring life and the little stuff, like watching the hummers fight over the sugar water. I never bothered unless the hub asked me to just sit down with him on the patio for a short break. Rest was as elusive as vapor, and I just accepted that. I have become this calm person who really listens when people talk.

Maybe this knee surgery was for higher reasons than my own. I think I might start listening to God a little more each day now. I might surprise myself and go gracefully into old age instead of kicking a screaming to stay young.

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