Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Festivals

Fall Festivals are everywhere these days, and they provide a safe trick or treat envirionment for kids and their parents. Today I got to accompany Kamryn aka the Bumblebee to the local library for a party. The party was cute and Kam enjoyed watching and then finishing all by herself at the lego table in the children's book section.
I lured her back to the party with a cookie and ghost sucker. She was adorable in her outfit, and should enjoy dressing up like a bee for a couple of years to come. Dress up is always fun starting about 3 when little ones find out they can dress themselves about 10 times a day, if I remember correctly.
I got cute cell phone pics of my Reagan in her Cinderella outfit. She has been wearing it for a while. Still waiting to see what Jonathan dresses as, but I do remember a Darth Vador outfit that was very impressive.
Hopefully, Kamryn will enjoy the Fall Festival at my church on Saturday. There will be rides and cake walks and hayrides. Should be fun. Probably more fun for Mimi than Kam, but one day we can laugh together over our antics. Must remind Richard to take pics of the brunettes this week while he visits. Have to have memories of all of my pumpkins.

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