Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Time Will Tell

My visit to a friend this morning will serve to make her laugh at a very stressful time in her life. She's a dear whom I met in a Bible study about 4 years ago. Our lives have been on fast forward since.

Friend is facing a possible liver and kidney double transplant. She and her hub are visiting the Mayo Clinic before finally deciding what course of action to follow. I wish I were more medically inclined, so I could follow the huge medical words and terms of her condition with a better understanding. Basically, I understand that her kidneys are shutting down, and something produced by her liver is causing this. Sounds scary to me.

I am praying that dialysis will be an option after second opinions are given. She has a good personality to be able to handle sitting during the process. She's a lovely knitter, and the time involved with dialysis would be an acceptable reason to create a lovely project. I am going to remind her of her calm attributes as a reference for thought during the next couple of weeks. I tend to agree with her husband and just wonder why her liver needs to be replaced also. Whatever the liver is doing supposedly takes about 60 years to cause the damage to the kidneys.
They know she won't live another 60 years. It's the double transplant that throws up a red flag for me. However, I am not a medical person, and am praying that the decisions will be made for what is best for her and not for the medical profession, just so the surgeons can practice medicine. I am not comfortable with my friend being a living guinea pig or lab rat. I imagine her husband has much more explicit fears.

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