Monday, October 18, 2010

Grandmother's in the Gap

Monday mornings are regularly finding me at a prayer group for grandchildren. Our group prays for our grandchildren and the needs of each others grands. It is a powerful time when women pray in one accord.

I am always amazed at how the Lord takes my wants for other people in my life and turns them into needs for me. As I pray for the Holy Spirit to do the spiritual work in my children's hearts, the Holy Spirit starts working on me and nudges me to be bold in the work on this earth. Last week, I was nudged to write letters to my children to urge them to seek church families for my grandchildren. I urged them to look together as husband and wife for a church that will embrace them in Christian fellowship and where they will enjoy worshiping the Lord as a family.

I was further urged to include activities from their youth that brought spititual joy and thanksgiving to God. I reminded them that they are blessed because they are the Lord's, and everything they have is because God gave it to them. The riches are the Lord's and He distributes them. As Christians, it is very important to never forget from whom the blessings flow.

My life is not perfect, and the kids know this. However, I accept that God has chosen to bless me in spite of my circumstances, and it is my duty to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and encourage my children to provide the church family activities that may or may not lead my grands to the Lord. It is my job to pray that my grands be given the people, place, or activity that will insure that we are all in heaven for an eternity. This physical life is so fleeting, but the promise of life everlasting is such a gift, and it is this gift, I want for my children's children.

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