Saturday, October 9, 2010


I knew but just ignored the obvious with mindless images concerning loved ones. We are born and then, cell by cell the dying process begins. Death comes too soon for many, and yet lingers on the fringes of quality for others.

Statistically, I know that the average person, and most of us are average, live 7-8 years longer than our parents. I have seen this life cycle in my own family. My father lived almost 8 years longer than his father. My mother is curently living 8 years longer than her mother. I have neighbors in their 80s who are currently living with relatives whose longevity is into or close to the 100 age. It's the inevitability of death that has seemed to sneak up on my senses.

After another spell with my mom, the reality of death hit me in the face when I wanted to know the next step for her care. HOSPICE was the response from the doctor. When was speculative, but at the word, my mind went on auto-pilot concerning the details. My family was in agreement as to solutions for our mom's care, and I am thankful for that. I left my mom in a stable, strong condition, and I was thankful for the time we shared.

Even with the warnings from professionals, the reality of losing my loved one is still hard. The ever optimist in me prays that the doctors are wrong, and she will enjoy at least another decade of quality life. My head is prepared, but my heart is not.

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