Thursday, October 28, 2010

Missing My NC Family

Normally, my thoughts for the day would be ones with forward thinking involved. Today, I am feeling melancholy because my husband is where I would love to be. He was on business in Virginia, and that made a side trip to NC possible. Not only is he getting to see the younger son and family this evening, but the trip south included some gorgeous fall foliage to boot. Jealous is truly the word to describe my feelings of just a few seconds ago.

Then, the better half called and said to check my phone for the latest pics. His visit will be a too short one because he booked a 6 am flight instead of the usual 6 pm. He wasn't a happy camper. Maybe it's a good thing I didn't go on this trip. I would be quite frustrated at being pulled away too quickly from happy moments in my life. Spoiled is another word to describe me.

I did spend the day getting ready for our next together trip to Arizona. Spent the morning googling the hiking in the area, and looked for touristy stuff to do while the hub is at meetings. I finished the morning with shopping for the trip. I don't imagine the days will be cooler than here, but the evenings will be cool because of the mountains. I am on a wear out what I have mission this year, partly because I am still losing weight and don't want to renew my wardrobe until I reach my goal. I was able to add to some of my current outfits and hit some deals on shoes and purses. Guess I am set. Hub will be thrilled to see less than baggage size purses for a change. Yep, he notices my "bags."

Really glad the hub called and sent pics. The kids are growing just too fast, or it just seems like it because our trips are months apart instead of weekly. I need to take time right this minute and thank God that we are so blessed to be able to travel back and forth as much as we can each year. I know many people who are fortunate to see their loved ones once a year. My husband and I are truly blessed.

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